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Courtney Jackson

I grew up in a conventional medical family in the Midwest. My naturopathic doctor degree beautifully rounds out the medical bunch and has added a dynamic touch to family conversations. Because of my upbringing and clinical training experience, I believe very strongly in an integrative approach to healthcare to best serve her patients’ needs.

I graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Resource Ecology Management. During my time in Ann Arbor, I discovered my love of botany and the healing power of plants. Following college, I pursued my other love, alpine environments, and moved to Summit County, Colorado. I soon reconnected with my medical interests and worked as an EMT and a medical interpreter for Spanish-speaking patients. I then discovered that the pursuit of naturopathic medical school would offer me the perfect combination of primary care medicine training and the expert instruction on the use of natural medicines. I graduated from the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) in Portland, Oregon. During my training, I sought out extra training to address the high prevalence of heart disease among patients. I completed a selective, one-year internship on a cardio-pulmonary rotation with Dr. Martin Milner at the Center for Natural Medicine in Portland.

Currently, I offer comprehensive evaluations in my clinical practice to assess for food intolerances and hormone imbalances that may be impacting mood, energy, sleep, skin, reproductive health, and digestion. I am committed to listening to each of my patient’s healthcare concerns and to providing individualized care to each. I use natural treatments to help patients regain balance in their body and mind and to support detoxification pathways. I often prescribe botanical medicine, homeopathy, nutritional supplements, and prescription medicine including bio-identical hormones. I am passionate about using food as medicine and optimizing individual’s nutritional intake.

In addition to my clinical work, I co-founded the Food as Medicine Institute at the National University of Natural Medicine. I currently instruct 12-weeks hands-on cooking and nutrition classes called Food as Medicine Everyday, and my favorite recipe remains Rainbow Nachos. Most proudly, I am momma and a wife, and I enjoy spending time with my family eating good food and playing hard.